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Thread: Top 10 DDoser's (Booters/Stressers)

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    Top 10 DDoser's (Booters/Stressers)

    +----------------------------------------------+ Top 10 DDoser's, Booters, Stressers +-----------------------------------------+

    DDos stands for (Distributed Denial Of Service) Attack.....

    DDos Attacks involve saturating the target machine with external communications requests (commonly know as packets) much so that it cannot respond to legitimate traffic...Doing this in the manner I will explain involves a hosted domain DDos tool/program that Will send these packages for you. Using an IP Stresser or booter is a simple an easy process. These ddos tools and ip stresser/booter work on Runescape, Minecraft, Xbox, Playstation 3, Skype, Websites, and Servers! This list shows only the best booter,ip stresser, and ddosers money can buy. Choosing the best booter isn't easy and it costs a lot of money to keep this list updated.

    Important Sites

    Rule #1 Buy a VPN before a DDoser -

    Hide Your IP address If you are going to DDOS others, above is the Cheapest VPN I can find.This will block incoming DDos attacks, protect your own connection, and keep you anonymous Online

    - Free Skype Beta Resolver -
    - Make Thousands of Dollars Online -

    Top 10 Booters

    #1: Network Stresser -
    (120GB/seconds)(Skype Resolver)(Stop Button)(Strongest Ever)(Admin's Choice)
    #2: Booter Box- (80GB/seconds)(Skype Resolver)(Good Staff)(Powerful)(Accepts Credit Cards)
    #3: Echo Stresser - (Max Time)(Best for Xbox)(Very Powerful)(Skype Resolver)
    #4: Critical Booter- (Very Powerful)(Best for Xbox)(Max Time)(Cheap)
    #5: Vdos Booter- (Strong Power)(Up For 4 Years)(Easy Site)
    #6: Layer4 Booter- (Decent Power)(Friendly Staff)
    #7: Syn Booter - (Max Time)
    #8: Legion Booter - (Strong)
    #9: IDDos Stresser - (Hard Hitting)
    #10: Avenge Stresser - (Great Price)

    How Do I use It?
    Register and Log In!!

    Once you've registered for the first time. You will choose from several packages of Boot time and Strength. I have Personally found that is important to have several Booters with medium time, rather than just 1 large DDoser (there is more flexibility, and more safety against hosting failures) + With your 2 or 3 DDosers and you will completely punish any group of people.

    On The website you will have your control Panel Where you can initiate your DDos AttacksTo DDos a home connection or a server, you will first need the IP adressMany Booters Contain a built in Skype resolver and Domain Resolver.

    This is a Nice Feature... (But Paid resolvers are not necessarily better then free ones)The IP address Goes into the Host section. You will Almost always choose Port 80 for all your attacks (Directed at home Modems)

    Set your Boot time anywhere from 0 to the maximum time you paid for>> time is in seconds i.e 300=5 minutesUse UDP for targeting people and hitting them hard. (For website and larger servers you can use a SSYN attack, much more powerful)

    Launch Your attack and watch their Skype Go Offline! Very Satisfying Feeling to be honest. (when dealing with scammers/trolls)

    Home Connections)
    53 - DNS Port
    80 - Default Internet Port
    (Xbox Connections)
    80 - Default Internet Port
    88 - Authentication Port
    3074 - Xbox Default Port
    (Web Servers)
    21 - FTP Port
    25 - SMTP/Mail
    53 - DNS Port/Nameserver80 - Default Internet Port
    3306 - MySQL Port
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    Network stresser, best indeed!
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    FTP : Unknown doser release
    PTP : Networkstresser
    One thing about the Quantum Booter is that the supporters there are d*cks.
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    keep it up!

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    First off I wouldnt consider ddosing someone as "hacking". Buying a booter doesnt make you a hacker.

    Second you have a typo , DDoS means "Distributed Denial of Service" not Deliberate.

    If you really want to piss people off with ddosing you should stay away from shellbooters and the whole crap people like legion offer you. A decent vpn provider will make it impossible to take a person down with shells. Talk to stan and buy devnull if you want to ddos seriously. With some extra slots (they're not cheap tho) you can reach up to 50gb/s that should make quick work of any homeconnection/website and even most of the vpns.

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    Great post Safe Keys.

    Thanks for all the websites also!

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    Thinking about getting one

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    networkstresser is mad good.
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    are there any free ones?

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